Open @ Skcript
Skcript embraces the open source culture internally. We believe that giving back to the community and working with them back to back will push things forward in technology.

Our Open Source Projects

Better Authentic

A whole new version of UI for Authentic Webmin interface.

Brand Guidelines

Branding Guidelines you can also use.

GDG Chennai

Source code of Google Developers Group Chennai's Website.


Setup Ruby and Rails with one bash command.

Gravity 🚀

Everything you can imagine to position your elements.

Hey Monit

Process monitoring scripts to make your life easy. For Monit.

Medium Editor Autolist

An extension for medium editor which auto creates list.


All the documents you'd need to run your company.


Command line tool to easily monitor a Redis key.


Get statistics about your UNIX machine using this simple library.


Fastest OCR library for Ruby. Used in production on SHRINK.

Skcript CSS Styleguide

Internal Styleguide. Open Sourced to the community.

Skcript Gulp Starter

Gulp Starter template for creating a landing page.


Syncs local file changes to a server over RSync via SSH.

TensorFlow Resources

Curated Tensorflow code resources to help you get started with Deep Learning.


A Watchdog that pings file changes to an API of your choice.

Projects our engineers contribute to

Hyperledger Composer

Composer is a framework for building Blockchain business networks

Foundation Emails

Zurb Foundation framework for better emails.


A fast image processing library with low memory needs.


Terminal output styling with intuitive and clean API.

Ruby on Rails

Web Framework optimized for developer happiness.